Hyperspectral Intelligence

Natural resources

HySpecIQ works with commercial companies to detect, classify, and quantify natural resources. Mining companies use hyperspectral analysis to ascertain the best locations for finding desired minerals, while energy companies use it to explore for oil and gas.

  • Assess remote locations for exploration value.
  • Unmask mineral deposits hidden from normal explorative techniques.

Environmental intelligence

Agricultural or manufacturing productivity don’t have to come at the cost of environmental protection. HySpecIQ is working with energy companies to help find and pinpoint gas leaks or other potentially harmful situations before they become a problem.

  • Monitor greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous waste.
  • Detect oil signatures on water surfaces and track oil spills.

National security

HySpecIQ is the first company to bring a multi-INT fusion capability to the market—we provide answers, not just pixels. Our hyperspectral data, data processing, and analytics are complementary to other sources, so we enable tipping and queuing.

  • Use space-borne hyperspectral in denied areas, unlike airborne.
  • Scan targets of interest to detect life-threatening materials or nefarious activities.

Agriculture monitoring

Crop forecasting, the health of forests—assessing the state of vital resources is paramount in today’s world. HySpecIQ helps companies and scientists evaluate crop conditions, forecast crop yields, or analyze the degree of stress experienced by trees on a global scale.

  • Identify stresses or pathogens before visual symptoms become noticeable.
  • Lower costs by minimizing traditional scouting methods.

Insurance & risk management

Insurance or other companies involved with risk management use hyperspectral data in myriad ways to improve disaster management planning. For example, by monitoring water content and soil dampness, companies can assess risks of flooding.

  • Detect debris, gas, and oil floating in water after flooding or a hurricane.
  • Comprehend and map potential flood areas and risk management.

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