Hyperspectral Intelligence

Insights from beyond the visible

Some need information, others need data. All need timely, accurate results for positive outcomes.

HySpecIQ is the leader in hyperspectral data and source-agnostic solutions.

Decisions in <span>hours, not days</span>

Decisions in hours, not days

Past hyperspectral analysis was cumbersome, requiring users to be highly skilled experts. Analytic tools labored under volumes of data, and solutions remained elusive, while needing a form of “Rosetta Stone.” HySpecIQ’s next-generation algorithms and established signatures extract optimal value from this rich data source, making it accessible to all.

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Bridging all <span>the data gaps</span>

Bridging all the data gaps

HySpecIQ is breaking with tradition by first performing aerial collection to prove our sensors’ capabilities. Then is 2022, we’ll launch two low orbit hyperspectral satellites. This will enable us to not only overcome aerial’s access limitations, but also retain spatial and spectral resolutions not extant in today’s satellites but required to address market needs.

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  • What makes hyperspectral valuable?


    Our eyes only see a small slice of the electromagnetic spectrum-the red, blue, and green of visible light. Hyperspectral sensors, however, collect hundreds of narrow spectral bands over a far broader range of the EM spectrum. Because every object—e.g., a type of mineral—has a specific chemical composition, it also has a specific spectral signature. Hyperspectral’s narrow spectral bands enable users to extract greater value by revealing insights we just can’t “see.”

  • What insights does hyperspectral deliver?


    Objects leave “fingerprints” in the electromagnetic spectrum. Hyperspectral solutions combine remote sensing and spectroscopy to detect, locate, and analyze these spectral fingerprints. Hyperspectral analysis empowers geologists to find new oil deposits and enables governments to asses the health of crops and develop early warning systems for agricultural diseases. You can use hyperspectral data to find objects, identify materials, assess agricultural conditions, or detect human-related processes.

  • How can your business use hyperspectral?


    Businesses are using hyperspectral solutions for mineral, oil, and gas exploration, agriculture and forest production, chemical agent detection, and environmental monitoring. At HyspecIQ, we help our clients by taking complicated concepts and applications and make them understandable, meaningful, and cost effective in a broad range of commercial areas.

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